Wind and Bones Show

–– Coming later in 2017 ––

Wind and Bones is a series of songs inhabited by characters from today and yesterday who are out to find the illusive “somewhere,” to arrive at it somehow; to prove something by getting there John McLachlan takes you on a musical journey into the hearts and minds of people as they travel through life (figuratively and literally).

From a story about a patrol of police officers who become hopelessly lost in the North in 1910, to the personal pondering of the travelling musician traversing the prairies on his way home, the songs touch on the effect of being on a road, lost, and at times lonely, but always on a quest for opportunity and meaning.

Songs from the accompanying album, Wind & Bones, as well as other original and traditional songs, are performed in this program.

Joining John on stage is Marc Atkinson who adds a rich texture of musical colour in the form of lead guitar, mandolin, and percussion. Atkinson is a highly distinguished artist in his own right, performing with his own trio, and as a member of The Bills. As well, he is an award-winning producer and operates a recording studio on Hornby Island.

John’s rhythm guitar work, coupled with Marc’s instrumental finesse, creates the perfect foundation for McLachlan’s collection of original songs. Together, they create a full performance experience through their solid artistry and warm, welcoming stage manner.

John is also available to perform this show, solo.

The concert can also be presented with a concurrent multimedia presentation.

Wind Bones Info Sheet
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LENGTH: 1:30 (two 45-minute sets plus intermission)
An optional performance is available by combining one set from this show with another set from the show, Call it Home.

Basic lights and PA system as outlined in stage plot/tech sheet.

A screen or wall surface alongside the musician(s) adequate to display the multimedia projection (control of the media is done from the stage by the performer).

Hand troller - Illustration by George McLachlan