Ebb and Flow

Moving from wild waters of the west coast, vast landscapes of the North and big open spaces of the Prairies to the minutiae of life on a small island, Ebb and Flow is a heartfelt journey narrated by yearning for adventure and love of home.

A backdrop of projected images, video and old home movies infuse an intimate touch to lyrical story-songs which move from the personal to the universal to invite audiences to open a door into their own experience.

Original songs of reminiscence and nostalgia, drawn from John’s 30 year repertoire, include “Chief Thunderbird” based on Andy Cruikshank, the 1920s pilot who introduced commercial air service to Yukon); “Shingle Spit”, a unique take on a section of shoreline near John’s home on Hornby Island; and “Standard 8” a poignant ballad tracing the passage of time through his father’s 8mm colour home movies.

Who is that waving to us from the past? Performer and images become the campfire around which long forgotten stories are told and memories shared, taking the audience on an inward and outward journey of poignant transformation.

The evening is comprised of two sets plus intermission. Set One highlights songs from the album ‘Wind and Bones’. Set Two features songs from the CD ‘Call It Home’ with tales of youth, passage of time and the vibrancy of life on the island John now calls home.

Ebb and Flow is performed solo by John McLachlan on guitar, or as a duo with Marc Atkinson on lead guitar and mandolin. Atkinson is a highly distinguished artist, a member of The Bills and an award-winning producer who operates his own recording studio.

John’s rhythm guitar work, coupled with Marc’s instrumental finesse, creates the perfect foundation for McLachlan’s collection of original songs. Together, they create a full performance experience through their solid artistry and warm, welcoming stage manner.

Ebb and Flow Information SheetSHOW LENGTH
Two hours including 15-minute Intermission.
Set one is 40 minutes. Set two is 65 minutes.


A screen or wall surface adjacent to the musician(s) to display the multimedia projection.
Control of the media is done from the stage by the performer.

PA system as outlined in stage plot/tech sheet.

Standard lighting of stage but that assures a dark area for the projection.

John McLachlan in Concert