Call it Home Show

“Poignant, touching and up-lifting. ”

A musically dramatic journey that re-ignites glowing memories of summer vacations, explores the pains of growing up and sheds light on the realities of adulthood with its realization that we are all part of a bigger ebb and flow. The songs tell of youth, the passage of time and the vibrancy of life on Hornby Island which John McLachlan now calls home.

From a poignant memory of his dad’s 8mm home movies to a story about the first car ferry and its captain, this concert is part nostalgia, part history and part present day. Images and movie clips weave throughout, adding a richness and authenticity recognizable to every childhood summer holiday spent on islands, lakes or countryside. Call It Home traces a personal yet universal journey of appeal to all ages.

Call it Home is performed solo by John McLachlan on guitar, or as a duo with Marc Atkinson on lead guitar and mandolin. Atkinson is a highly distinguished artist, a member of The Bills and an award-winning producer who operates his own recording studio.

John’s rhythm guitar work, coupled with Marc’s instrumental finesse, creates the perfect foundation for McLachlan’s collection of original songs. Together, they create a full performance experience through their solid artistry and warm, welcoming stage manner.

Photos from the 1960s by George McLachlan

Call it Home can be enjoyed by all ages.

Songs from the accompanying album Call it Home are performed in this program.

Length: 1:15 (no intermission)


  • A screen or wall surface alongside the musician(s) adequate to display the multimedia projection. (Control of the media is done from the stage by the performer.)
  • PA system as outlined in stage plot/tech sheet.

John McLachlan in Concert