“Pull up your chair, move in close, let me bend your ear with the stories I disclose.”

John’s two main shows are Ebb and Flow, a full evening performance and Call it Home, a 75-minute show focused around his album by the same name. They are both available with a multimedia component with projected images and video.

Part nostalgia, part history, part about today; a McLachlan concert is a journey through story-songs that connect us with who we are and where we come from. Whether it be with a full multimedia presentation or a solo acoustic performance in an intimate setting, you will slow down and lose yourself for a couple of hours, making connections to your own stories and life experiences through his songs.

John is a consummate entertainer. He has a comfort-level on stage only found in performers who love what they do and who have the experience of having presented hundreds of performances in myriad settings (soft-seat theatres, clubs, schools) over many years.

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Joining John on stage is Marc Atkinson who adds a rich texture of musical colour in the form of lead guitar, mandolin, and percussion. Atkinson is a highly distinguished artist in his own right, performing with his own trio, and as a member of The Bills. As well, he is an award-winning producer and operates a recording studio on Hornby Island.

John’s rhythm guitar work, coupled with Marc’s instrumental finesse, creates the perfect foundation for McLachlan’s collection of original songs. Together, they create a full performance experience through their solid artistry and warm, welcoming stage manner.

John is also available to perform solo.

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