New Album in the Works

I’m working on a new recording with Marc Atkinson at the Barn Studio on Hornby Island. The recording will feature nine original songs with a general theme of “movement,” through space.

Most of them are from my earlier repertoire. I wanted to rediscover them again and present them in a fresh way. Like Call it Home, I’ll be singing and playing rhythm guitar and Marc will be playing drums, bass, guitar and other instruments.

The majority of songs are of a historical nature but are about people, often not in ideal environments; in many cases about people moving through hostile or foreign settings (a ship in Northern waters, a police patrol in a northern wilderness) or, in two songs about friends of mine, they feature people reflecting on where they are from and where they are going or plan to go. A new song, “Sagebrush and Trains” is heavily inspired by the experience of a friend from Washington, DC who shared recollections of growing up in Wyoming and his relationship to his mother and the prevalence of sagebrush and trains and what they meant to him.

Space shapes us. It draws us in and it pushes us out to places unknown. We move through it. It is the world we live in. It can be empty and lonely or it can be filled with love and “home.” The songs on this recording explore those themes.

I expect to have the album ready by the middle of 2017.

John recording with the 12-string