Place and Time

Place and the passage of time are the threads that run through my songs. They are observations—both of “self” and the world around us—that come from not always moving but instead, of staying in one place long enough to gain a perspective not otherwise able to be seen.

Movement and speed are the cornerstones of our modern world. We think nothing of hopping on a plane to fly to a new destination or, on a smaller level, of constantly rushing with overloaded work lives made even more frantic by our “always-on” connected society. All this rushing about can make us forget where we come from, and despite having greater and greater records of our lives through photos, selfies, digital trails, and geo-tracking, we can easily lose a sense of how we fit into our own life’s short story.

So, I write songs as a way of making sense of who I am, where I’ve been, where I’m going (maybe) and in general, of finding some meaning through the discovery of the threads that make up the cloak of my life. It’s my hope, you will find some common threads in the songs I share.

Shingle Spit, Hornby Island, BC, Canada