Calling It Home

Getting back into the world of songwriting and performing after a close to 20 year hiatus has been a very fulfilling and also, spirit-lifting experience. There are some regrets that I put music on the sidelines for this time but on the other hand it’s given me the opportunity to approach my older material with fresh eyes and a bit of wisdom I didn’t have when I was in my 20s and 30s. But, it’s writing new material that has been the most engaging experience for me and offered up surprises.

Songwriting Pages

John McLachlanPerhaps it’s just “pent up demand” but writing a dozen or so new songs in the last year felt very different from how I remember feeling when writing years ago. Today, I feel like I’m able to stand back more from my topics, even if the topic is my own experience. Instead of being so literal with everything I write, I’ve found it’s ok to be somewhat more abstract. For me, who always wrote so literally, this is a nice discovery.

Discovery and re-discovery have really been the emerging theme for me over the past 18 months as I dust off and then polish up the “chops” I once used to make my living. I’m looking forward to sharing the music again both on recordings and on stage.